Our Story

HASHI is more than a fine jewellery brand. It values the client’s perspective of making their interests into a memorable work of art and produce a masterpiece to every man and woman who appreciates the finer things in life. Towards this end, HASHI is committed to the ideals of making fine jewellery accessible to everyone, with “Designing Bridge to Beauty and Luxury” as its guiding principle.

The Founding

The story of HASHI is founded on passion and courage. A creation in Dubai by Hamda Al Mansoori in 2013, HASHI has grown through on-boarding creators and talented minds into the Maison. Today HASHI is more alive than ever. The sky is the limit to our dreams, we are shifting the meanings to show the real beauty, drawing the way to luxury on our bridge. HASHI is dedicated to making fine jewellery that is accessible to both genders and all age groups by combining passion and innovation to finely crafted jewellery designs made for you.

More About Hashi

Today, HASHI is a jewellery design house having its own designing team, providing a full jewellery manufacturing facility and producing fine and high-end jewellery. Also, HASHI is into investments and corporate where HASHI takes care of jewellery designers and other companies from manufacturing, supplying gemstones and diamonds, and other material services.
Furthermore, HASHI has a charity unit for the community and has an advisory section in which HASHI provides counsel service to newly established businesses and aspiring designers in the field of jewellery.

Contact Us

Hashi’s Office: +971 4 243 2879

Factory & Process

Factory & Process

In terms of materials and processes, HASHI’s jewellery production can be looked on as a form of micro-engineering, requiring the production of objects in metals with great accuracy. Most jewellery is produced from precious metals such as gold and platinum.

HASHI has multiple techniques that are used simultaneously in order to create fine jewellery pieces, a variety of processes are used from Designing, Moulding and Casting, Filing, Polishing, Stone-Setting, Engraving and Final Polishing.

Lastly, the Quality Control, HASHI values each of the Client’s satisfaction and that is what matters the most, for every piece that is created, HASHI makes sure the produced crafted masterpiece will be a memorable work of art.