Guarantees & Authentications


Each HASHI Jewellery piece is subject to the legal warranties currently in force. The following are not covered by these warranties:

  • Damage resulting from accidents or from inappropriate or abusive use of a piece of jewellery.
  • Damage resulting from repairs or dismantling not undertaken by HASHI.
  • The consequences of normal wear and the ageing of a piece of jewellery.

Beyond these warranties, HASHI Jewellery is present throughout the life of your jewellery to undertake all possible repairs. You may visit/contact HASHI in order to allow one of our experts to examine your jewellery.


Your piece has been crafted in our Jewellery workshops, where we meticulously attend to every stage of the production process. We hereby certify that this HASHI Jewellery piece is made of Gold (750‰) or Platinum (950‰). It is only by purchasing a piece of jewellery at HASHI that its authenticity can be guaranteed. Similarly, only authentic HASHI jewellery pieces are eligible for repairs.